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Covered Bridge Christmas Advent Calendar
Bridge the gap between Advent and Christmas with 24 days of family fun! Depicting a horse drawn sleigh crossing a charming covered bridge into town, this colorful 11" tall x 14" wide Advent calendar is crafted of paper with glitter accents and features 24 special holiday pictures hidden behind its numbered doors. You'll enjoy counting down the days until Christmas with this beautiful covered bridge Advent calendar!
Santa's Sleigh Advent Calendar
Santa's Sleigh Advent calendar is 24 days of excitement leading up to Christmas day! Crafted of paper, this colorful 11" tall x 14" wide advent calendar shows St. Nick enjoying a cup of cocoa as elves busily deliver holiday gifts around town. Beginning December 1st, open a numbered window each day to reveal a fun holiday picture that's sure to put a smile on your family's faces.
Winter Farm Fun Advent Calendar
In the jolly days before Christmas, farm animals gather to build a frosty snowman and add festive decorations to the barnyard! Featuring 24 numbered doors with hidden holiday pictures inside, this colorful winter farm fun Advent calendar is crafted of paper with glitter accents and measures 11¾" tall x 8¼" wide. Simply open one door each day from December 1st through 24th for a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas!
Metal Christmas Countdown Tag
You don't have to wait until December to count down the days until Christmas. Get a jumpstart on the holiday countdown with this unique holiday display! Crafted of metal, our cheery red sign is shaped like a gift tag and features a vivid white silhouette of a reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh along with the sentiment Christmas Countdown. Simply use a piece of chalk to write the number of days until Christmas on the square provided, and repeat each day until Santa arrives! Coming ready to hang on a twine rope, our Christmas countdown tag display measures 15" tall x 8½" wide. (Chalk not included.)
Christmas Countdown Calendar With Wreath Magnet
Whether your décor is country, modern, or somewhere in between, this charming Advent calendar is sure to fit your style! Showcased within a dark brown wood frame, our handsome Christmas countdown calendar resembles a blackboard with the sentiment days 'til Christmas and the numerals from 1 to 25 whimsically scripted in white. Simply move the "grape vine" wreath with its attached magnet forward each day from December 1st to 25th to mark the time until Christmas! Coming ready to hang with an attached metal hanger, display measures approximately 16" tall x 16" wide.
Grinch Advent Countdown Calendar
Christmas is coming…ready or not! Based on the Dr. Seuss Classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas™" this colorful fabric Advent countdown calendar features the caption Grinch in Training and depicts a young Grinch with a broken candy cane in his hand standing next to a decorated Christmas tree with 25 numbered ornaments. Beginning December 1st, simply advance the attached candy cane shape forward each day until Christmas arrives! 19" tall x 15" wide display comes ready to hang on a red cord. ©Universal Studios.
16 Inch LED Snoopy Advent Calendar
Peanuts™ lovers will be de-light-ted with this adorable Advent Calendar featuring Snoopy sitting on his doghouse decorated with Christmas lights! Flip the switch on the back to activate the glowing white LED lights that accent the light string graphics. Crafted of wood and metal with a rustic white wooden frame, this colorful Advent calendar measures approximately 16" tall x 11" wide and comes ready to hang on an attached metal hanger. Simply move the magnetic Christmas wreath (complete with Woodstock) forward each day from December 1st to 25th to countdown the days until Christmas! LED feature requires 2AA batteries to function.
Light Of World Nativity Advent Candle Holder
Designed to hold four standard Advent candles, this beautiful ivory candle holder features the sentiment I am the light of the world—J John 8:12 in a flourish of gold at its center. An embossed nativity scene decorates the perimeter of this exquisite display with richly detailed depictions of the holy family, magi, and shepherds on their journey to Bethlehem. Sure to add a delightful glow to your CHRISTmas celebrations, this extraordinary ceramic candle holder measures 3¼" tall x 10" wide.

Advent calendars are a wonderful and fun way to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas. Originally, the advent calendar was created in the 1800’s, and families used chalk to draw a line to represent each day from the first until the 25th of December. In 1851, the first handmade Advent calendar was created. Before this, the markings representing each passing day were usually drawn on a door. Another alternative was to hang a small picture on the wall for every day in December.

While some of the first Advent calendars made were actually clocks, a man by the name of Later Lang published the first actual calendar to be printed. Originally, it had small pictures that could be applied to the calendar as each day passed. Eventually in 1908, the Advent calendar came with little windows that could be opened as each day passed with a different picture behind each window. To entice children to participate in using the calendars, eventually a small piece of chocolate was included behind each of the windows. The chocolate was molded into holiday shapes such as bells, trees, or gifts. Eventually Advent calendars were sold at drugstores all over the United States, and were especially popular in the late 1950s-1960s.

Today, Advent calendars are still sold at Christmas time. They can come in just about any theme from religious to snowmen and Santa Claus. The calendars are a fun way for the whole family to count down to the big day, and teach us patience and steadfastness. They are fairly inexpensive and are a wonderful way to anticipate the arrival of Christmas day.

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