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Santa's Sleigh Wooden Advent Calendar
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…… but did you know that this wooden box is actually an Advent calendar? Depicting an enchanting image of Santa's sleigh soaring over the rooftops of a snow-capped village, this sturdy Advent calendar measures 15¼" x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep and features 24 numbered doors that swing open to reveal secret compartments. Whether you choose small treats, toys, gifts, or special notes to place within, simply open a door each day from December 1st to Christmas Eve to create a memorable tradition your family will enjoy for many years to come!
Santa's Helpers Outdoor Scene Advent Calendar
Little ones will enjoy counting down the days until Christmas with this enchanting Advent calendar! While St. Nick ponders his "nice list", elves joyfully frolic through the snow as they load gifts into Santa's sleigh in preparation for his Christmas Eve flight. Crafted from paper with glistening glitter accents, our colorful Santa's Helpers outdoor scene measures 14" tall x 11" wide and features 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a fun holiday picture. Simply open one door each day from December 1st through the 24 and enjoy the anticipation of Christmas Day!
Nativity With Baby Jesus Advent Calendar
Under a starry night sky in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph gaze lovingly at baby Jesus as shepherds and sheep gather round. Featuring the colorful artwork of Richard Sellmer Verlag, this enchanting Advent calendar is crafted of paper in Germany with glistening glitter accents with 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a special nativity picture and Bible verse. Simply open one door each day from December 1st through the 24th to prepare your family's heart for the joy of CHRISTmas!
Church And House Set Of 4 Advent Candle Holders
Add a soft glow to your holiday home with the stunning simplicity of this 4 piece Advent candle holder set! An understated church and three matching houses are subtly accented with windows and doors shimmering with hand painted glazes of sandy beige. With stunning white rooftops designed to hold taper candles with approximate ¾" wide base, our ceramic candle holders range in height from 2¼" to 4¾" tall and are sure to compliment any décor!
Holy Family Advent Candle Holder With Candles And Bible Verse
Focus your family's attention on the true meaning of CHRISTmas with this inspirational Advent candle holder. Crafted of resin with a handsome carved stone appearance, our beautiful circular display portrays Mary cradling infant Jesus with Joseph wrapping a protective arm around his new family. A great way to create or continue a family tradition of lighting Advent candles, this meaningful centerpiece measures 2½" tall x 6¾" wide and includes 3 purple and 1 pink taper candles and a pamphlet with weekly devotions . Bible verse imprinted on candle holder reads: "LOOK, THE VIRGIN SHALL CONCEIVE AND BEAR A SON AND THEY SHALL NAME HIM EMMANUAL," WHICH MEANS, "GOD IS WITH US." – MATTHEW 1:23
Children Of The World Advent Candle Holder
Depicting boys and girls of different cultures linking hands in a show of unity, this unique Advent display reminds us that we are all God's special children. Skillfully detailed in resin with an artful carved stone appearance, our beautiful Children of the World Advent candle holder has an attractive antique appearance in hues of ivory and bronze. A great way to create or continue a family tradition of lighting Advent candles, this circular centerpiece measures 3" tall x 10" wide and includes 3 purple and 1 pink taper candles and a pamphlet with weekly devotions. Display is adorned with the inspirational Christmas message: PEACE, JOY, LOVE and HOPE.
Bethlehem Clear Stained Glass Advent Candle Holder
Jesus, the "Light of the World" is the focus of this meaningful Advent candle holder. Crafted with an artful mix of clear glass panels in a variety of appealing textures, this beautiful 5¼" tall x 10" wide x 4" deep display depicting the Holy Family sheltering in a stable with the town of Bethlehem in the distance. Featuring 3 purple and 1 pink glass candle holders and 4 tealight candles in corresponding colors, our exquisite stained glass display includes a pamphlet with weekly devotions to assist your family in the meaningful tradition of lighting Advent candles.
Another Perfect Advent Kit Hanging Advent Calendar
You'll have fun interacting with your family during Advent with this fun hanging activity calendar. A meaningful reminder that Jesus is the "reason for the Season", this stylish cardboard kit contains a 11½ foot length of red ribbon, 25 numbered pockets, and 30 activity cards, each with a Bible verse, short prayer and suggested family activity. Place the cards in the corresponding pockets beginning with the number 1 and ending with 25 and string the filled pockets onto the ribbon, and another Perfect Advent calendar is ready to go!
Santa Skating With Children Advent Calendar
Skating with a group of children, Santa enjoys some cool winter fun as the countdown to Christmas begins! With a delightful Christmas picture waiting to be revealed behind every numbered window, this enchanting Advent calendar will fill those long December days with joyful anticipation! Crafted in Germany with sparkling glitter accents, this paper calendar measures 8¼" tall 11¾" wide.
Fireside Advent Calendar Box
Beautifully crafted of wood, our colorful Fireside Advent Calendar box has 24 numbered doors perfect for hiding a special treat for each day in Advent! Depicting a cozy family room with a Christmas tree and stockings hanging by the fire, this attractive display measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep and can be used year after year providing a tradition that your family is sure to treasure!
Stocking Advent Calendar Box
Start a tradition your family will treasure with this beautiful Advent Calendar Box! Featuring 24 numbered doors perfect for hiding a special treat for each day in Advent, this attractive display depicts a line of colorful Christmas stockings hanging on a fireplace mantel. Artfully crafted of wood, our Stocking Advent Calendar Box measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep.
Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar Clings
Get kids excited about the birth of baby Jesus with these colorful Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar Clings! With 24 numbered clings marking the days leading up to Christmas, these colorful, tear resistant vinyl clings adhere safely to almost any smooth, indoor surface……wall, mirror, glass, metal and more. Just peel and stick for a fun and easy tradition your kids or grandkids will enjoy for years to come! Kit includes 24 daily reflections to read as the day's cling is put in place. Cling sizes range from ½" to 8". Ages 8+
Nativity Under Star Advent Candle Holder
Imaginatively shaped like a Christmas tree, this towering Advent decoration portrays an angel holding a radiant Christmas star with the magi gathering around the Holy family below. Hand-painted with rich glazes and eye-catching metallic gold accents, our unique nativity under star Advent candle holder measures 15½" tall and is amazingly detailed in resin. A great way to create or continue a family tradition of lighting Advent candles, this beautiful display features four metal holders to accommodate advent taper candles with an approximates ¾" wide base.
Martin Luther Advent Calendar
In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this colorful Advent calendar depicts the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany circa 1517 amidst a swirl of falling snowflakes with images of Luther and his colleagues overlapping with Victorian dressed figures in the foreground. Adorned with a portrait of Martin Luther, this commemorative calendar features 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a special picture and text (in both English and German) related to Luther's life. 12" tall x 16¼" wide calendar is crafted of paper in Germany and features the caption: Martin Luther 1517 – 500 Jahre (Year) Reformation
36 Inch Plush White Angel Advent Calendar
Little ones will enjoy counting down the days until Christmas with this adorable 36" angel advent calendar. Wearing a plush white dress with wings and scarf crafted of soft fleece, our angel's charming face is adorned with black button eyes and a red stitched smile. Featuring 25 numbered pockets where you can stash a small treat or toy for each day from December 1st until Christmas Day, you're sure to create a memorable family tradition that will endure for many Christmases to come!

Advent calendars are a wonderful and fun way to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas. Originally, the advent calendar was created in the 1800’s, and families used chalk to draw a line to represent each day from the first until the 25th of December. In 1851, the first handmade Advent calendar was created. Before this, the markings representing each passing day were usually drawn on a door. Another alternative was to hang a small picture on the wall for every day in December.

While some of the first Advent calendars made were actually clocks, a man by the name of Later Lang published the first actual calendar to be printed. Originally, it had small pictures that could be applied to the calendar as each day passed. Eventually in 1908, the Advent calendar came with little windows that could be opened as each day passed with a different picture behind each window. To entice children to participate in using the calendars, eventually a small piece of chocolate was included behind each of the windows. The chocolate was molded into holiday shapes such as bells, trees, or gifts. Eventually Advent calendars were sold at drugstores all over the United States, and were especially popular in the late 1950s-1960s.

Today, Advent calendars are still sold at Christmas time. They can come in just about any theme from religious to snowmen and Santa Claus. The calendars are a fun way for the whole family to count down to the big day, and teach us patience and steadfastness. They are fairly inexpensive and are a wonderful way to anticipate the arrival of Christmas day.

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