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Bronner's Christmas Store Advent Calendar
'Tis the Season to be Jolly! Bronner's Christmas Wonderland comes delightfully to life in this charming Advent Calendar featuring a photo of Bronner's memorable Christmas store. Little ones will be delighted to find Santa and his reindeer soaring high above twinkling Christmas lights and dazzling Christmas trees charmingly displayed from floor to ceiling. Crafted of paper in Germany, this colorful 11¾" tall x 16½" wide Advent calendar hides 24 colorful illustrations. Simply open one door each day from December 1st to Christmas Eve to reveal unique holiday surprises!
Santa's Beggars Advent Calendar
Santa would never forget his four legged friends! Depicting a living room filled with dogs and cats begging for a treat from St. Nick, our 8¼" x 11¾" Santa's Beggars advent calendar is crafted from paper with glistening glitter accents and features 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a special picture and corresponding verse from "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." Simply open one door each day from December 1st through the 24th and enjoy the anticipation of Christmas Day! Made in Germany.
Nativity Night Scene Advent Calendar
A serene nativity night scene is depicted on this enchanting 8¼" x 11¾" advent calendar in bright illustrations with hints of shimmering glitter. Your family will enjoy opening the 24 numbered doors from December 1st through Christmas Eve to reveal an inspirational picture and corresponding Bible verse. Paper calendar is crafted in Germany.
Stained Glass Nativity Chocolate Advent Calendar
Enjoy a sweet countdown to Christmas with this enchanting chocolate Advent calendar! Crafted of paperboard, our 14" tall x 10" wide stained glass nativity chocolate advent calendar features a colorful nativity scene complete with Biblical text and 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a festive chocolate shape hidden inside. Produced in Canada.
Bronner #1186985.
Naughty Or Nice Chocolate Advent Calendar
Enjoy a sweet countdown to Christmas with this fun chocolate Advent calendar! Crafted of paperboard, our 14" tall x 10" wide naughty or nice chocolate advent calendar depicts Santa Claus seated by his Christmas tree reviewing his naughty or nice list. Featuring 24 numbered doors that open to reveal a festive chocolate shape hidden inside, this magical calendar includes an enchanting holiday poem. Produced in Canada.
Bronner #1186986.
Silent Night Chapel Advent Calendar
Bronner's exclusive Advent Calendar depicting our Silent Night Chapel offers a daily reminder for young and old alike of the wondrous events surrounding the birth of Christ. Starting on December 1, open the first door to discover a special Bible verse with a coordinating picture. On December 24, the last door reveals the Nativity scene. Crafted of paper.
Nativity Scene Shaped Advent Calendar
While remembering the true reason for the season, the count down to Christmas has never been so much fun! Start off by displaying this 26" tall by 18" wide Advent calendar and adding a plush figure each day until Christmas. The decorative nativity scene above provides a safe keeping for each piece when attached by Velcro. A plastic ring on the back of this Advent calendar allows for easy display you'll love year after year. This unique Advent calendar makes a great classroom or office decoration friends and family of all ages can enjoy! Hand-crafted from polyester and cotton.
Church And Angels Advent Calendar
This Advent Calendar is 24 days of excitement leading to Christmas! Made of fiberboard and paper this 14" x 10½" calendar is made in Germany and displays 24 different pictures behind hidden windows for each day.
Nativity Advent Calendar Box
Find the treasures hidden in this beautifully painted nativity scene each day as you open a new door. Our Nativity Advent Calendar Box is constructed of wood and measures 15¼" tall by 19" wide. This is a great gift for the entire family and will quickly become a new tradition. Please select the alternate image to see the calendar open.
Foldout Bethlehem Advent Calendar
Featuring a unique foldout design of Bethlehem, this advent calendar displays 24 days worth of scripture and pictures leading up to Christmas. Measuring 14½" x 10½", this advent calendar is made in Germany from fiberboard and paper. Please select the image for an enlarged view.
Stained Glass Nativity Advent Calendar
An angel keeps watch over the Holy family as wise men and shepherds follow the Christmas star to Bethlehem in this beautiful stained glass Advent calendar. Made of paper with glistening glitter accents, our nativity Advent calendar measures 11" x 14" and features 25 numbered doors that open to reveal a special nativity picture and corresponding Bible verse. Simply open one door each day from December 1st through the 24th to prepare your family's hearts for the joy of CHRISTmas!
Fireside Advent Calendar Box
Beautifully crafted of wood, our colorful Fireside Advent Calendar box has 24 numbered doors perfect for hiding a special treat for each day in Advent! Depicting a cozy family room with a Christmas tree and stockings hanging by the fire, this attractive display measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep and can be used year after year providing a tradition that your family is sure to treasure!
Stocking Advent Calendar Box
Start a tradition your family will treasure with this beautiful Advent Calendar Box! Featuring 24 numbered doors perfect for hiding a special treat for each day in Advent, this attractive display depicts a line of colorful Christmas stockings hanging on a fireplace mantel. Artfully crafted of wood, our Stocking Advent Calendar Box measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep.
36 Inch Plush White Angel Advent Calendar
Reg. $49.99 Sale $34.98
Little ones will enjoy counting down the days until Christmas with this adorable 36" angel advent calendar. Wearing a plush white dress with wings and scarf crafted of soft fleece, our angel's charming face is adorned with black button eyes and a red stitched smile. Featuring 25 numbered pockets where you can stash a small treat or toy for each day from December 1st until Christmas Day, you're sure to create a memorable family tradition that will endure for many Christmases to come!
Doghouse Photo Advent Calendar
Our Advent calendar will be paws-atively picture-perfect when you add a photo of your precious pooch! Shaped like a doghouse, this fetching green and red fabric Advent calendar features the sentiment SANTA'S FAVORITE DOG along with a clear plastic pocket to display an approximate 6" x 4" photo of "Fido." Simply advance the white dog bone each day from December 1st through the 25th and the Christmas howl-iday will be here before you know it!
Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar
Celebrate the "reason for the Season" with this meaningful Advent calendar! Depicting a graceful nativity silhouette cut out of ivory felt, our red fabric Advent calendar measures approximately 26½" tall x 11¼" wide and comes ready to hang with a red ribbon attached to a wooden dowel. Tuck a candy cane, small gift, or note with scripture verse into the numbered pockets and open one a day from December 1st to the 24th to begin a special Christmas tradition the whole family will love for years to come!
Santa And Friends Wood And Metal Advent Calendar
You'll love the snowy holiday scene adorning this charming Advent Calendar. Featuring the sentiment Merry Christmas, our enchanting display depicts Santa surprising his woodland friends with gifts and a fresh cut tree. Crafted of wood and metal with a rustic white wooden frame, this handsome Advent calendar measures approximately 16" tall x 11" wide and comes ready to hang with a red ribbon. Simply move the magnetic Christmas wreath forward each day from December 1st to 25th to mark the time until Santa arrives!
Christmas Village Wooden Advent Calendar
For generations, families have celebrated the coming of Christmas in a variety of ways, from lighting Advent candles to counting down the days on an Advent calendar or paper chain. Combining the customs of the past with a new twist that's sure to please, this exceptionally crafted wooden Advent Calendar box is colorfully illustrated with snowy "Christmas Village" and features 24 numbered doors allowing room for a small surprise for each day in December. Fill with small toys, sweets, jewelry and other surprises and watch the excitement and joy of the season reflected in your young children or grandchildren's eyes! Display measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3" deep.
Dog's Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar Box
You'll have a dog-gone fun time counting down the days until Christmas with this adorable wooden Advent calendar box! Colorful illustrations depict dogs of different sizes and breeds peeking above stockings and festively wrapped gifts by the fireplace on Christmas morn. 24 numbered doors allow room for a small treat to open each day in December until Christmas arrives! Display measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3½" deep.
Precious Moments Nativity Advent Calendar Box, 27 Piece Set
You'll have many precious holiday moments with this adorable Advent calendar on display. With 24 numbered drawers perfect for hiding a figure of the nativity scene or a special treat for each day in Advent, our attractive wooden calendar box features a wooden crèche with an array of miniature, Precious Moments© nativity figures that sits atop the advent box.
27 piece set includes: A nativity storybook with a poem for each day, calendar box (8¼ x 2½ x 9¾"), crèche/stable piece (5 x 2¼ x 9¼") and 24 hand-painted resin figures ranging in height from ¼" -1½" tall. Figures include Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 Wise Men, 3 Shepherds, 2 Angels, 1 star, 3 camels, 5 sheep, 1 cow, 1 donkey, and 2 hay bales.
Red Truck Advent Countdown Calendar
Hauling a special load of numbered blocks, this vintage red truck is a unique way to count down the days until Christmas! Simply arrange the blocks each day in Advent to show the number of days left until Christmas. Crafted of resin and festively decorated with a holly wreath, our red truck Advent countdown calendar measures 5" tall x 10" wide x 4¼" deep and makes a unique holiday display for a table, shelf or windowsill!
Musical Santa's Sleigh Advent Calendar Box
Each time you open a door on this enchanting Advent calendar, the scene comes to life with a festive holiday tune! Our musical Santa's Sleigh Advent calendar box colorfully depicts St. Nick and his team of reindeer flying over the rooftops of a picturesque town. With 24 numbered doors to stash a special surprise for each day in Advent, December can be a special time to remember the cherished traditions you create with family year after year. Wooden calendar box measures approximately 15¼" tall x 18½" wide x 3¼" deep. Musical feature plays 12 traditional Christmas tunes and requires 3AA batteries (not included).

Advent calendars are a wonderful and fun way to keep track of how many days are left until Christmas. Originally, the advent calendar was created in the 1800’s, and families used chalk to draw a line to represent each day from the first until the 25th of December. In 1851, the first handmade Advent calendar was created. Before this, the markings representing each passing day were usually drawn on a door. Another alternative was to hang a small picture on the wall for every day in December.

While some of the first Advent calendars made were actually clocks, a man by the name of Later Lang published the first actual calendar to be printed. Originally, it had small pictures that could be applied to the calendar as each day passed. Eventually in 1908, the Advent calendar came with little windows that could be opened as each day passed with a different picture behind each window. To entice children to participate in using the calendars, eventually a small piece of chocolate was included behind each of the windows. The chocolate was molded into holiday shapes such as bells, trees, or gifts. Eventually Advent calendars were sold at drugstores all over the United States, and were especially popular in the late 1950s-1960s.

Today, Advent calendars are still sold at Christmas time. They can come in just about any theme from religious to snowmen and Santa Claus. The calendars are a fun way for the whole family to count down to the big day, and teach us patience and steadfastness. They are fairly inexpensive and are a wonderful way to anticipate the arrival of Christmas day.

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