Personalized Double Heart Ornament
Celebrate an inseparable bond of love with the shimmering, interlocking hearts of this unique glass ornament! With a formed glass shape, this ornament's artful, silvery-white satin surface is beautifully accented with brilliant, red enamel heart outlines. Each outline will perfectly frame your special couple's name and wedding date, which will be personally hand-letter with a black paint pen by our talented Bronner's artists at no additional charge.
This 2½" x 4½" ornament is exclusive to Bronner's!
8 characters/spaces are allowed for each name.
8 characters/spaces allowed for the month and the day, and 4 characters allowed for the year.
The left heart will contain a first name, the month and the day, and the right heart will contain the second name and the year.
Please abbreviate months with five or more characters. (Example: November will be Nov.)
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Personalized Double Heart Ornament
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