7 Flicker Flame Light Set
Before electric Christmas lights were invented, candles adorned the Christmas tree, sparkling like starlight against the dark green boughs.

This unique light set is a safe and beautiful way to continue the candlelight Christmas tradition! Each light features a sturdy plastic base, green plastic clip, and flicker flame bulb.
Other Features include: 14ft. of total green cord length (12ft. of lighted cord length)
12" lead cord length, 12" tail cord length.
20" spacing between candle ights.
Connect up to 3 sets end-to-end for a de-light-ful display!
Includes 1 extra fuse.
Candles are 3¼" tall, set includes 7 candles.
UL listed.
C7 bulbs
For indoor or outdoor use.
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7 Flicker Flame Light Set