60th Anniversary Peanuts Jingle Buddies
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! For 60 years, we’ve delighted in the Peanuts™ characters brought to life by Charles Schulz. Celebrate those special memories with our 60th Anniversary set of Peanuts™ Jingle Buddies. Linus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy are all represented on their own Jingle Buddy; satin pendant cords are included. These oversized jingle bells are topped with resin character heads, carefully hand-painted to preserve their unique features. Decals on the front show each little friend as he or she appeared 60 years ago; decals on the back portray them now! Whimsically worn around the neck, or merrily hung on the tree, it’ll be a Charlie Brown Christmas. Good grief!
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60th Anniversary Peanuts Jingle Buddies