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10 Fancy Candle Light Set


Before electric Christmas lights were invented, candles adorned the Christmas tree, sparkling like starlight against the dark green boughs.

This unique light set is a safe and beautiful way to carry on the candlelight tradition! Each light features a sturdy plastic base, green plastic clip, and clear mini light. Features 16ft. of total straight-line green cord length (12ft. lighted length) with 16" spacing between candles.
48" lead cord length.
Candles are 2.5" tall, set includes 10 plastic candles.
2 extra fuses and 4 extra lights included.
UL listed.
Indoor use only.
White Candle 20 Light Set


Bring a festive spark of classic Christmas lighting to your tree with this 20 candle light set!
Light set features include: 26ft. of total green cord length (26ft. lighted length)
8" lead cord length, 10" tail cord length
20, 3½" plastic candle lights.
16" spacing between lights
Connect up to three sets end-to-end!
Includes 2 extra fuses and 2 extra bulbs
UL Listed.
For indoor use only.
Candle Inside Pear Shaped Ornament
A de-LIGHT-ful ornament for your tree, this unique 5" tall ornament features a glass candle within the center of a clear, pear-shaped glass ornament. Crafted in Romania, a painted poinsettia wreath and sparkling white dots along the surface add a festive flair!
(Tradition of the Candle card included.)
Candle With Halo Lace Ornament
You're sure to get glowing reviews from friends and family when they see this remarkable ornament! Fine thread is stitched and formed to create our 3¼" tall candle with halo lace ornament. A candle, spruce sprigs, stars, and flower are among the shapes that create our phenomenal keepsake which was skillfully crafted in Germany. This candle with halo lace ornament comes with a loop of thread that makes it ready for immediate display on your tree or in a window. We wish we could see your face light up when you see the impeccable craftsmanship for yourself!
Set of 2 Safety Candle Holders
Let your little light shine safely with this set of 2 safety candle holders! Our candle holders are made of plastic with suction cups to hold them to your window, mirror or other glass surface. A foldable base and support ring allow for easy storage when the holders are not in use. Made in the U.S.A., this set of 2 safety candle holders is a great way to add extra accent lighting to your home!
10 Inch Purple Advent Candles Set of Five


Keep the tradition of Advent going with this purple Advent taper candle set! Including a candle for each week of Advent, this set consists of 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white taper. Measuring 10" tall each, these candles feature an approximate base diameter of ¾".
Glass Tea-Light Holder With Flower Design
Reg. $9.99
Sale $7.98
Add a touch of spring to your home with this beautiful glass tea-light holder with flower motif. Designed with an attractive crackled-glass finish, our 3½" tall votive is artfully painted with a bold flower and leaf design in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, pink, and green. Just add your own tea-light and relax in the ambient glow!
Brass Lantern With Candles Light Set
Add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday décor with the glowing ambiance of this attractive brass lantern with candles light set. Featuring straight line construction, this novelty light set includes:
10 plastic and metal lantern lights measuring 4" tall x 2" wide.
8' 2" of lighted length on green cord (ll' 1" total length.)
12" spacing between bulbs.
33" lead length.
4 spare 12 volt bulbs and 1 replacement fuse.
UL listed.
Ivory Candlestick 10 Light Set
Infuse some old-fashioned charm to a special tree, wreath, or garland with the soft glow of our 10 light ivory candlestick set! Light set features:
-11' 6" total length on green cord with straight line construction.
-9' lighted length.
-30" lead.
-12" spacing between lights.
-Ten 3½" tall plastic candlesticks illuminated by 10 clear mini lights with attached plastic clips.
-Extras include 4 spare lights and 2 fuses.
-Indoor use only.
-UL listed.
5 Ivory And Gold Candlestick Clusters 15 Light Set
Add some old-fashioned charm to a special tree, wreath, or garland with the glowing amber tips of our ivory and gold candlestick cluster light set! Comprised of five clusters of lights each depicting three wax candlesticks of varying heights nestled inside "brass" holders, this de-light-ful set features:
-6' 2" total length on green cord with straight line construction.
-4' 10" lighted length.
-30" lead.
-12" spacing between lights.
-15 plastic candlesticks measuring 2½", 3", and 3½" tall illuminated by 15 mini amber lights.
-5 plastic clips for securing light clusters.
-Extras include 4 spare lights and 2 fuses.
-UL listed.
Ceramic Holy Family Advent Candle Holder
Begin or continue a family tradition of lighting Advent candles with this serene display which depicts Mary and Joseph gazing with wonder at the sleeping infant Jesus. Featuring 4 candle holders designed to accommodate a candle with an approximate ¾" base, our stunning white ceramic Holy Family candle holder is accented with lines of shimmering silver glitter and measures 7½" tall x 10" wide. Simply add your own taper candles for a de-light-ful display your family is sure to enjoy for many CHRISTmases to come!
Advent Nativity Façade Candle Holder
Prepare for the upcoming CHRISTmas season with this meaningful Advent display. Our nativity façade candle holder is artfully crafted of resin and depicts the magi and shepherds paying tribute to the newborn kings as a heralding angel hovers joyfully above. This serene 5" tall x 7¾" long x 1¼" wide display features four metal candle holders designed to accommodate a candle with an approximate ¾" wide base. Just add candles for a de-light-ful display your family will enjoy for many seasons to come!
Santa Belt Glass Candle Holder
Need a special display for your holiday table or mantel? Our Santa belt glass candle holder has brilliant red finish accented with a ho, ho whole lot of eye-catching details! Adorned with sparkling white glitter stripe dotted with ebony buttons, this festive 12½" tall candle holder is cinched at the waste with a tiny black velvet belt and is designed to hold a standard taper candle with a base circumference of ¾".
Jim Shore Egg Candle Holder
If you are eggs-cited for Easter then let your 'little light shine'… in this eggs-quisite candle holder! Masterfully crafted from stone resin to showcase Jim Shore's remarkable artistry, this 3" tall candle base depicting a basket with 6 painted eggs holds a 2¼" tall glass candle holder with an approximate 1¾" base which is perfect for both votive or tea-light candles. Measuring 4¼" tall in total, this Heartwood Creek® collectible is sure to become a favorite part of your Easter and Spring décor for years to come!
Silver Beaded Votive Candle Holder
From elegant to shabby-chic, this simple glass candle holder is sure to fit perfectly in to any number of displays! Measuring approximately 4¼" tall with a base diameter of 2", the clear glass is coated in shimmering silver glitter and clear microbeads for a stunning display.
Flameless Votive Candles Set Of 2
This realistic set of 2 battery operated votive candles will give you all the beauty without the hazards of a real flame! Operated by 1 button cell battery per candle (included), each flameless votive candle measures 2½" tall with a 2" base diameter and turns on with the flip of a switch on the bottom.
For indoor use only.
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Before electric Christmas lights were invented, candles adorned the Christmas tree and home décor, sparkling like starlight within the darkened homes. In modern times, candles are still used during the Christmas season as beautiful decorative items. Ranging from ornaments to window lights, each unique candle will add a festive flame of holiday beauty to your Christmas décor.