Outdoor Lighting

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Multi-Color LED 50 Rectified/Conical Twinkle Light Set
For decades trees, wreaths and rooflines have displayed twinkling Christmas lights to the de-light-ment of family members and neighbors alike! Transform your home for seasons to come with this virtually indestructible set of 50 energy efficient multi-color LED twinkle lights that use up to 98% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. Light set features include:
Water, weather, and break-resistant bulbs that stay cool to the touch.
17' of total green cord length (16.33' lighted length.)
5" lead cord length, 5" tail cord length.
50 rectified conical shaped LED bulbs in yellow, red, green, blue and white.
4" spacing between lights.
End-to-end construction.
UL listed.
For indoor or outdoor use.
Shimmering Lighted Penguin Ornamental Shape
Bring a shimmering glow to your decorations with this indoor or outdoor shimmering lighted penguin ornamental. This penguin comes with 10 clear mini light bulbs and a 2¼’ long lead cord that will plug into any standard 120v/60Hz wall socket. Our penguin 16" tall by 12" wide and contains a suction cup to easily stick to any window or flat surface.
UL Listed
C9 LED Color And Pattern Choice Light System
Add some Christmas magic to the darkest winter's night with our energy efficient light set. This brilliant LED light string uses innovative LED technology that lasts approximately 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs while reducing greenhouse effects. With the push of a button on the color changing controller, you can create a symphony of lights combining 7 colors and 3 patterns. Connect up to 45 sets of the same model for a dazzling display! This C9 LED color and pattern choice light system set features:
15 break resistant plastic bulbs measuring 1¾" tall.
12" spacing between bulbs.
Approximately 15½' total length with 14’ lighted length on green cord.
6½" lead and 11½" tail.
UL listed AC adaptor.
Candy Canes Set of 3 LED
Create a Christmas candy land with our sweet set of three LED candy canes. Crafted of durable plastic, our lighted form set features three 28" tall candy canes in vivid red and winter white, intertwined to create beautiful decorative pieces. All three candy canes are hollow and filled with a string of clear lights adding a sparkling glow from within. Our bright LED lights run along a white wire cord, with approximately 24" spacing between each candy cane. Lights are UL® listed for indoor and outdoor use. Our LED candy cane set includes three stakes for easy assembly for outdoor decorating and two replaceable bulbs. Our deliciously-designed LED set of 3 candy canes will brighten your holidays now and for years to come!
Please select the alternate image to view the stakes that are included with our LED candy canes.
Lighted Pumpkin Stack Glitter Gel Outdoor Décor Shape
Reg. $39.99
Sale $29.98
Three heads are better than one, and this pumpkin stack of friendly faces is a "spooktacular" way to put you in the mood for a night of ghosts and goblins! Our pumpkin stack glitter gel ornamental shape features a towering display of orange and light orange striped pumpkins with humorous expressions. Our festive-faced jack-o'-lanterns measure 32" tall and are crafted of weather resistant PVC. This lighted pumpkin stack is designed with color enhanced gel, which bootifully glitters in the sunlight and glows from extra bright clear mini lights at night. Our no-tools-necessary framework includes stakes for secure ground display. Make it a frightfully-delightful Halloween with our lighted pumpkin stack ornamental shape! UL listed.
Tropical Fish Light Set
Add a splash of color to your holiday décor this sea-son with our tropical fish light set. Featuring straight line construction, this novelty light set includes:
10 colorful plastic fish light covers measuring 2" tall x 3" wide.
9' of lighted length on green cord (ll' 6" total length.)
12" spacing between bulbs.
31" lead length.
4 spare 12 volt bulbs and 1 replacement fuse.
UL listed.
Budweiser 10 Light Set
Our flavorful light set will make a weiser gift for the special beer enthusiast in your life! Decorate your garage, basement, game room, tree, or any place in good taste with these Budweiser® beer can lights.
Christmas light set features include:
-10'2" total straight line green cord length.
-7'6" lighted length.
-32" lead cord length.
-10" spacing between lights.
-10 plastic Budweiser® can light covers illuminated by 10 clear miniature lights.
-UL listed.
-For indoor and outdoor use.
18' Blue LED Rope Light
Add a playful flare of colorful light to your décor with this unique LED rope light! Versatile and durable construction makes this blue rope lighting the perfect trimming for your rooflines, door frames, windows, and much more!
Rope light set features include:
-23'1" total vinyl cord length (18' total lighted length)
-61" lead cord length.
-Connect up to 16 sets
-18 mounting clips with screws and 18 cable ties.
-85% more energy efficient.
-UL Listed.
-For indoor and outdoor use.
35 Snowflake Light Set
Add beautiful touches of snowflake sparkle to your celebrations with this unique light set!
Light set features include:
13ft. of straight-line green cord length (11ft. lighted length)
24" lead cord length, 5" tail cord length
35, 2½" plastic snowflake light covers with 35 clear mini lights.
4" spacing between lights
Includes 1 extra fuse and 2 extra bulbs
UL Listed.
For indoor and outdoor use.
25 Purple LED C9 Replacement Lamps
Restore an amethyst flair to that old light string with these purple LED replacement bulbs! This set includes 25 energy efficient purple LED C9 replacement lamps. Staying cool to the touch, these brilliant lights will fit into your standard C9 outdoor strings making them a perfect way to go green this season! Lights come with a 5 year seasonal warranty.
Rated with 0.96W.
Portable Outdoor Flood Light With Stake
Ideal for holiday, landscape, and accent lighting, this sturdy and portable forest-green flood light features all metal construction with a rubber gasket. Measuring 4" long, this easy to use floodlight has a 6½" tall stake end for stable mounting. The unique pivot arm allows adjustment to aim light just where you need it. A heavy-duty 6' black cord plugs into any 120 volt outlet with GCFI protected circuit. Use up to a 150 watt par 38 flood light (not included.)
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of this portable outdoor flood light.
8 LED G90 Color Changing Pathway Light Set
Illuminate your indoor or outdoor holiday décor with this brilliant LED multi-color changing G90 pathway light set. Energy efficient LED lights are a great way to go green this season.
Christmas light set features include the following:
-9'11" of green cord length (8'9" lighted length).
-14" lead cord length.
-15" spacing between lighted pathway markers.
-Eight, 6" tall by 3" wide faceted bulb-shape lights.
-Runs on a 120v AC adaptor.
-8 color changing functions controller.
-8 10¼" tall stakes with light bulb clips.
-For indoor or outdoor use.
-UL listed.
The 8 pattern settings are:
1.) Multi Function: lights change colors, chase each other and blink
2.) Steady White: lights remain white
3.) Forward Wave: lights flow from one color to another and then repeat
4.) Chasing-Rainbow colors: The lights chase each other in and out of each color.
5.) Alternate Directional Wave: lights flow from one bulb to another and then back again
6.) Fade In/Fade Out-Solid Colors: lights fade in and out from one color to another
7.) Group Tracing: Lights grouped in three perform the same color chase.
8.) Chasing-Assorted Colors: Lights chase each other between white, blue, and red.
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10 LED G30 Color Changing Ball Light Set
Decorate indoors or outdoors with this unique light set that looks good enough to eat! Constructed of glass and covered with a sprinkling of microbeads, these 1¼" round purple, yellow, green, blue, and red lights look like sugared candy balls! This G30 color changing ball light set features:
-14' of total end to end green cord length (11' lighted length)
-30" lead cord length
-12" spacing between lights.
-6" tail cord length
-Includes 2 spare bulbs and 1 spare fuses
-For indoor or outdoor use.
-UL listed.
10 LED Candle Color Changing Driveway Markers
Reg. $29.99
Sale $21.98
Light up your holiday décor in a rainbow of colors with this brilliant set of 10 LED candle color changing driveway markers beautifully crafted of plastic. Set Includes:
-10 Candle Lights and stakes total.
-Each LED bulb transitions through a wide array of color.
-14'7" total end-to-end green cord length.
-13'5" lighted length.
- 9" C9 styled bulb cover filled with silvery tinsel strands to create a mesmerizing light effect.
-13" lead, 10" tail cord length.
19" Spacing between lights.
UL listed®
-For indoor and outdoor use.
Includes one extra fuse and 2 extra lights.
Please select the alternate image for an additional view of these candle markers.
Snowman 28 Inch Solar LED Stake
Reg. $39.99
Sale $29.98
Melt the dark of night away with this charming snowman solar lamp as he illuminates your walkway or simply adds a festive touch! Crafted of durable plastic, this cool character features a black top hat, red and white striped scarf, a candy cane-striped pole, a black stake (with 4¾" ground depth) and beautiful gold LEDs. Our 6½" tall by 5" wide snowman's head measures 23¼" tall when sitting on the candy-cane pole. With an overall height of 28" including the stake, this snowman solar LED lamp includes a rechargeable battery with an on/off switch, for easy use, and instructions for simple assembly.
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10 Green Sea Turtle Light Set
Ocean enthusiasts will be happy to sea life in the boughs of your tree when you add these green sea turtle lights! Light set features:
-8'7" total end to end green cord length.
-6' lighted length.
-7½" spacing between lights.
-24" lead, 7" tail cord length.
-10 plastic green sea turtle light covers, each illuminated by a clear bulb.
-For indoor or outdoor use.
-4 Extra bulbs and 1 spare fuse included.
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