5" Fontanini Nativity

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Azaria, Stablehand, 5 Inch Fontanini Nativity Collection
Azaria, Stablehand
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
4½" tall
Fontanini #54068
Carlo, Builder, 2014 Limited Edition Figure, 5 Inch Nativity Collection
Carlo, Builder, 2014 Limited Edition Figure
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
5" tall
Fontanini #57110
Nativity Set Of 7 Figures With Stable, 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
This beautiful Fontanini® nativity set includes 7 handcrafted polymer figures and a 9¼" tall stable artfully crafted of stone resin. Figures include Mary, Joseph, Jesus, an angel and three magi figures and range in height from 1½" tall to 5" tall. Fontanini #54467
Italian Stable 5
Italian Stable
5" Fontanini® Stable Collection
Handcrafted from wood, moss, and bark
11" tall x 16" wide x 8" deep
Fontanini #50483
Mara Glassmaker 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
Mara, Glassmaker
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Crafted from hand-painted polymer
5¼" tall
Camel with Blanket 5 Inch Collection
While being overloaded by its master at the market, King Balthazar rescued this ill-treated camel by paying a high price for her. The camel accompanied the King on his journey to Bethlehem. Hand-painted polymer, 5". 1993 Introduction No. 72526
Bronner #1005042.
Miriam 5 Inch Fontanini Collection
5" Fontanini® Nativity Collection
Hand-painted polymer
5 inches tall
Fontanini #72572
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World-famous Fontanini figurines originated in Tuscany, Italy. Collectors all over the globe treasure Fontanini nativities and Fontanini nativity figurine sets. The Fontanini figures go through a rigorous process, making them valuable, unique, and extremely high in quality. Members of the Fontanini family usually come together with a design team, which includes a master sculptor, to come up with new ideas for the Fontanini figurines, a collectible Italian nativity. In the process of making Fontanini nativities, first the Fontanini figures are hand sculpted. These are usually created from an original drawing by someone on the Fontanini team. Then, the clay sculpture is remade out of beeswax from the approved, final design. The sculpture is then made into a mold using rubber or metal, which will be used repeatedly for mass production. The final mold is used for the nativities until the team decides it should be retired, making Fontanini Italian nativities a rare and collectible item distributed by Roman Inc. In the final process of Fontanini nativities, each piece is hand painted to ensure character and quality. The first step in painting the figures is the clothing. Usually, the painting team forms a sort of assembly line, where each member paints a different part of the clothing. Another special team, who ensure the most accurate and detailed of expressions, paints the facial features. When the figure has been painted and dried completely, a patina finish is added. Then the story card team develops a story for each figure. Fontanini nativities have become a popular choice for Christmas nativity sets, and are highly valued and treasured by all who receive them. Creche collectors appreciate the ease of adding to the set each year, and since the figurines are made of polymer, they are good for households with youngsters or pets as they resist breaking. The Fontanini family have passed the traditions down from one generation to the next, for 100 years.