Steins, Mugs, & Shot Glasses

Deutschland Wheat Beer Glass
Drink and be merry as you display your German heritage with this Deutschland wheat beer glass! Featuring the vibrant red, yellow, and black colors of the country, our tapered glass is made in Germany with the national coat of arms printed on its surface. The words "DEUTSCHLAND" and "GERMANY" are printed below in black ink. Rimmed in gold paint, this 9¼" tall Deutschland wheat beer glass can hold one half-liter of liquid. Your special beer glass collector will savor this stunning German glass for years to come!
Deutschland Germany Clear Mini Stein
Beautifully depicting Germanys Coat of Arms, this golden-rimmed 2½" glass mug is a great commemorative gift! (Made in Germany.)
...each stein, mug, shot glass and miniature displayed at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland is masterfully crafted and colorfully detailed for functional or aesthetic use. The German-made mini steins, mugs and glasses are the perfect collectibles for the hobbyist with limited space.