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Artist Kristi Jensen Pierro decided to add on to her resume a new charming collection called Snowbunnies®. These delicate, childlike figures can be seen wearing adorable winter suits with bunny ears at the tops. They are hand painted in beautiful, soft spring colors and are made of fine bisque porcelain. The children’s suits have hand applied crystal flakes, which give them a pretty shine and add a lot of whimsy. Like their counterparts, Snowbunnies® are sold through Department 56®. The Snowbabies™ series mostly represent the Christmas season, while Snowbunnies® represent springtime holidays such as Easter. The children can often be seen carrying Easter baskets and skipping through flowers. Also the Snowbunnies® children can often be featured with springtime animals such as bunnies, baby chickens, and frogs. What makes the Snowbunnies® figurines so collectible is the fact that Department 56® only issues them once a year, unlike the Snowbabies™, who are usually in constant production. Many collectors state that the Snowbunnies® are even hard to find directly from Department 56®. This can make finding the perfect Snowbunny a little difficult but can also be a contributor to their value. The Snowbunnies® figurines celebrate the passing of winter, the warming weather, and the joy that can be experienced during springtime. They make wonderful decorative items to place around the house when the warmer weather arrives and also make a surprisingly delightful gift for a Snowbabies™ fan that may not know about their friends, the Snowbunnies®. If you are an avid collector, look for books that can help you organize your collection and keep track of any additions you acquire over the years.