International Flags

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2.5 Inch x 1 Inch Black Triple Flag Platform Display
This attractive plastic base beautifully displays three 4" x 6" flags from your favorite country. Measuring 2½" x 1", this platform display has three holes each measuring 3mm in diameter. Accompanied with a special flag, this display makes a thoughtful gift your loved ones will cherish.
4 Inch x 6 Inch United Kingdom Rayon Flag
Add a dab of culture to your décor with this 4" x 6" flag of the United Kingdom. Constructed of rayon fibers attached to a plastic pole, our international flag stands 10½" tall, and will look exquisite whether displayed in your tree or in a stand.
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Flags have been used for thousands of years as signals, symbols, or for decorations. The colors that make up each country's flag have special meaning. Black often represents determination, ethnic heritage or triumph over enemies. Blue often represents freedom, justice and patriotism. Green can symbolize the earth, fertility and hope. Red often represents courage, revolution, blood and valor. White often represents peace, purity and innocence, while yellow often represents the sun and wealth. You don't have to travel around the world to collect your favorite international flags. Our collection includes a wide selection of flags from all around the world. Each flag can make a thoughtful gift!