The tradition of the Christmas tree is believed to have originated in medieval Germany. On December 24th, the townspeople would decorate a “Paradise Tree” which would be used in a popular play relating to Adam and Eve. The “Paradise Tree” was usually an evergreen, which is a symbol of eternal life. In 1605, German families began to decorate their houses with evergreens for Christmas celebrations. Eventually, the custom was carried over to America where it was immediately embraced as a wonderful Christmas tradition. A modern day convenience is the artificial tree, or what some call fake trees. No more messy needles, sap, or spilled water. Ready to plug in and go, prelit Christmas trees are available from 3 feet to 16 feet in height and have clear or multi lights. Allow Bronner's to introduce you to one of the newest trends in holiday decorating. Half trees and wall trees make huge style statements in areas of limited space. Both trees are lush and full on one side and flat on the other, making them perfect wall or corner decorations. Whether you prefer the half tree, including stand, or a wall tree, perfect for hanging, we have just what you need. Bronner’s also offers some leading edge LED trees that offer vibrant color while cutting your electrical usage down to 1/10 of that required from the use of regular mini lights. Another popular tree choice is the PE (polyethylene) trees. The PE trees give you the look of a realistic, fresh cut tree without all the mess. It is made out of a mold process instead of a cut and spin method that the traditional artificial trees use. No matter what artificial Christmas tree or prelit Christmas tree you and your family are looking for, you will find it all right here at Bronner’s.