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Ribbon Candy Glass Ornament
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Sale $5.99
Satisfy your nostalgic sweet tooth with this classic ribbon candy ornament! Artfully crafted from glass, this ribbon candy ornament measures 4¼" and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Hershey's Syrup Glass Ornament
Go ahead and top your tree with the savory flavor of this Hershey's® chocolate syrup glass ornament. We promise it won't go to waist! Our 5" syrup ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and makes a fantastic gift for the chocoholic in your life.
Chinese Take-Out Box Ornament


Who doesn't love to order Chinese? Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas® with glitter accents, this exquisite Chinese take-out box ornament is carefully painted to resemble your favorite Asian cuisine. Call in an order of orange chicken or sweet and sour shrimp and hang this 3" tall mouth-watering gem on your tree!
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Candy Canes Glass Ornament
There's no denying it, our sweet looking ornament is eye-candy! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall ornament hugs the smooth two-tone silver and pearl surface with vibrant red candy canes amidst iridescent, glittering, retro stars. Emanating style that will never grow stale in the branches of your tree, our candy canes glass ornament is sure to be a favorite for years to come!
(Tradition of the Candy Cane card included.)
Bronner #1148706.
Twizzlers Ornament
Who doesn't remember the chewy pleasure of a Twizzlers© strawberry twist? Our holiday red Twizzlers© ornament will take you back to childhood days. Decked out for the season with a glitter-trimmed Santa hat, this realistic Twizzlers© bag will please and amuse all who are young at heart. 6¾" x 3" tall, paper and resin.
Garden Tomato Glass Ornament


Cook up a taste-tempting gift for your favorite food connoisseur with this stunning garden tomato ornament! With vivid glazes and sparkling glitter accents, our exquisitely detailed tomato is 1¾" tall and crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. This festive tomato ornament will also make a wonderful addition to your garden-themed tree!
Large Strawberry Glass Ornament
Whether at Christmas time or in the summer, you can be sure this large eye-catching strawberry ornament will remain ripe with the berry best style all year-long! Exquisitely crafted from glass with mouth-watering details and glittering accents, this 3" ornament will add a fruitful appeal to your décor for years to come! Comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Bud Light Six Pack Ornament
Our "six pack" is sure to get six cheers for its "superior look-ability"! Masterfully crafted from resin and cardboard, this 2¾" tall Bud Light® six pack ornament is sure to whet your whistle with its tempting details. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, our Bottles of Bud Light® beer are sure to make an intoxicating treat on the tree for years to come! But please… decorate responsibly!
Hamburger Glass Ornament
Lettuce help you decorate your tree with a delectable keepsake that will add fast food appeal! Masterfully crafted from glass, this 2¼" tall ornament builds a burger with a giant beef patty, two pieces of sumptuous green lettuce, melting cheese and gobs of ketchup on a seeded bun all salted with glittering accents. Coming ready to hang with a gold cord, our hamburger ornament will make a great gift that is sure to have your loved one saying cheese and thank you!
Italian Santa With Wine Ornament
Santa doesn't just give presents, he also brings the taste of Italy! Artfully crafted from resin, this 4¾" tall Italian Santa ornament is dressed with a bit of cultural flair as he carries a bottle of fine wine and a basket filled with golden bread, cheese, and an assortment of lush grapes. Our ho ho ho-liday ornament is perfect whether you collect Santa's, have Italian heritage, or just love the rich culture of Italy! From Bronner's to you, Buon Natale!
Bronner #1157811.
Popcorn Glass Ornament


This amusing ornament is sure to be more than a kernel of fun! Our 3" tall popcorn ornament is crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®. Shimmering with glittering accents the classic red a white striped "POPCORN" container is depicted brimming full of the pop-ularly delicious, buttery and salty treat. Commemorate times at the movies, fairs, or simply with friends and family by popping this appet-eye-zing snack onto the branches of your tree!
Recipe For Happiness Glass Ornament
We've cooked up another treasure that's sure to bring as much joy as the Recipe For Happiness it shares! Sprinkled with words of wisdom, our 3" tall ornament is exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary and displays a "Recipe For Happiness" within a ring of glittering holly while cooking utensils scattered around add an extra tasty touch. Sweeten and enrich your life by following our time-tested recipe:
Recipe For Happiness
2 Heaping cups of patience
1 Heart full of love
2 Hands full of generosity
1 Head full of understanding
Dash of laughter
Sprinkle generously with kindness, add plenty of faith and mix well. Spread over a period of a lifetime, and serve everyone you meet.

Our recipe for happiness glass ornament is sure to stir up a lot of conversation this holiday season!
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Snowman Cookie Ornament
A great gift for your snow or snowman enthusiast! This 4" tall snowman cookie ornament is crafted of clay dough and decorated like a real cookie! Complete with a light blue top hat, carrot nose, red and white striped scarf, three big green buttons, and edged with what looks like real icing, this snowman cookie ornament comes ready to hang with a silver cord. Finished with glittery details, this little fellow will warm up any frosty day!
Pancake Stack Glass Clip-On Ornament


Serve up a short order of holiday cheer with this flapjack stack ornament! Crafted exclusively of glass, our 1½" tall by 3¼" wide syrupy stack of hotcakes will be hard to resist when your friends and family see it clipped on your tree branch this Christmas. A dot of warm butter starting to melt on top of these three pancakes makes it a highly realistic breakfast food that is far too flavorful to forget!
Bronner #1151285.
Cupcake Snowman Glass Ornament
This sweet snowman's as cute as a cupcake! Magnificently molded glass forms a delicious, bite-sized cupcake covered in gobs of pink frosting with a marshmallow snowman head, chocolate top hat, and striped paper wrapper. Shimmering glitter coats this delicious ornament with a sugary appeal while a silver cord allows for immediate display. This cute confection will make a surprise in good taste for your favorite baker's tree!
Bud Light Beer Can Glass Ornament
This smooth and refreshing ornament is sure to be all the buzz! Celebrate unforgettable memories of times enjoying a "cold one" with our exquisite glass ornament styled after traditional European mouth-blown ornaments. Finely hand-crafted and hand-painted by artisans, this 4¾" tall Bud Light® beer can glass ornament features a frosty blue "aluminum" finish detailed like the real thing while glittering accents add a fresh appeal. Coming ready to hang with a silver cord, this Bud Light® will fit just as perfectly in the tree as it does in your hand!
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Bronner's is pleased to present a wide offering of Christmas sweets that are sure to be a treat on your tree! Our stunning selection of taste-tempting food and beverage ornaments will keep your tree a delectable delight year after year with a style that's mouth watering!