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Santa Winemaker Glass Ornament
A wine connoisseur among many other things, Santa concludes that this wine is a very good year! Crafted of glass from Old World Christmas®, this Santa winemaker ornament is colorfully detailed in eye-catching glazes and glistening glitter accents. Making the perfect gift for your wine enthusiast at Christmas time or any time of the year, our 5" Santa winemaker ornament is sure to get sweeter with time!
Margarita Glass Ornament
On the rocks or frozen, salt or no salt, you'll love our exclusive rendition of the real thing! Masterfully crafted with eye-catching glazes and a twist of lime, this unique margarita glass ornament measures 4½" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord.
Personalized Gingerbread Woman Glass Ornament
A taste-tempting treat that will spice up your tree for seasons to come! Our exclusive 4" tall gingerbread woman cookie glass ornament complete with personal-ity™ comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Allow one of our professional Bronner's artists to add a personalized touch in vivid white paint at no additional charge!
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Bronner #1133051.

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Chocoholic Beige Glass Ornament
There are not many "addictions" one will proudly declare, however chocoholics all around the world can proudly take a stand with our choc-king ornament! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, this 3" tall ornament wraps the opalescent beige surface with a headline that reads CHOCOHOLIC and proud of it!, framed by perfectly shaped chocolate chips, and clever catchphrases that read:
When the going gets tough… the tough get chocolate!
So much chocolate… so little time!
Forget the fruitcake, I want chocolate!
The best things in life are Chocolate!

Easily displayed on any ornament stand, our chocoholic beige ornament is sure to be a favorite in your home or office décor!
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Gingerbread House Mini Ornament
Offer a tasteful gift to your favorite baker this Christmas with this vivid gingerbread house ornament! With windows on each side and a door in the front, our gingerbread house mini ornament is made in Poland of glass with shiny glaze and shimmery microbead accents. This delicious 2½" tall home is sure to make a terrific addition to your sweet kitchen-themed tree!
S'mores Cup Of Cocoa Ornament
This adorable S'more® is warming himself up the sweetest way possible – a bath of hot cocoa! Measuring 2½" tall and crafted from resin, this cute ornament is sure to also warm your heart when you see it in your tree this holiday season. Comes ready to hang with a rope cord.
2.5 Inch Raspberry Ornament
Hang a bit of summer on your Christmas tree with our life-like Raspberry Cluster. 2½" high, the ripe purple berry cluster is adorned with green leaves shot with glitter. Gardeners and canners alike will be delighted with this lovely glass ornament. Handcrafted in Poland.
Lavender Cupcake Glass Ornament
Treat your sweetie to one sugary surprise with this lavendar cupcake ornament! With clear microbeads, our 3" tall cupcake glass ornament features a scrumptious lavender and white "frosting" and a radiant silver cupcake "paper". Decadent details of clear, white, and silver glitter on this delicious cupcake make it look good enough to eat!
Gas Barbeque Grill Glass Ornament
We've cooked up an ornament that you'll savor on your tree for years to come! Finely crafted in Poland, this 3½" tall glass barbeque grill ornament is sure to be a feast for your eyes that will never go to waist! Colorful details and glittering accents makes this keepsake a well-done gift for the special griller or BBQ chef in your life!
Bronner #1141630.
Pineapple Glass Ornament
Bring a bit more of a tropical feel to your tree this holiday season with this pineapple glass ornament! With eye-catching details and beautiful gold, amber, and green glitter accents, this 5" glass ornament is sure to make your possibly chilly Christmas vacation seem a bit warmer. Comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
(Tradition of the Pineapple card included.)
Morel Mushroom Clip-On Glass Ornament


No longer will your mushroom enthusiast have to wait for spring to see the morel mushroom sprout, thanks to our glass replica! Glittering accents add an intriguing appeal to this beautiful wonder of nature you'll love at Christmas! Our exclusive morel mushroom ornament measures 4½" tall and features a sturdy, silver clip for easy display in your tree or décor. This unique clip-on ornament will make the perfect gift for your favorite mycologist!
Hot Dog Glass Ornament
Relish in the tastiness of this savory treat! Our 4" tall hot dog glass ornament looks good enough to eat! A perfectly toasted bun holds a browned hot dog covered in your favorite flavorful condiments. Be sure to ketch-up to this grilled gourmet before it's all gone!
Parmigiano Cheese Glass Ornament
When it comes to adding cheesy ornaments don’t forget the Parmigiano (Parmesan)! Crafted of formed glass and accentuated with dazzling green glitter, this 4½" formed glass ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord. Our Parmigiano glass ornament will make the perfect gift for any cheese lover in your life!
Ribbon Candy Glass Ornament
Satisfy your nostalgic sweet tooth with this classic ribbon candy ornament! Artfully crafted from glass, this ribbon candy ornament measures 4¼" and comes ready to hang with a gold cord.
Pink Cupcake Glass Ornament


Frost your collection with a little sweetness that will never go to waist! Temptingly crafted from glass, this pink cupcake ornament measures 3½" tall and comes ready to hang with a silver cord. The perfect gift to satisfy your special baker's sweet tooth is a piece of cake with this delicious looking confection!
Hershey's Syrup Glass Ornament
Go ahead and top your tree with the savory flavor of this Hershey's® chocolate syrup glass ornament. We promise it won't go to waist! Our 5" syrup ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord and makes a fantastic gift for the chocoholic in your life.
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Bronner's is pleased to present a wide offering of Christmas sweets that are sure to be a treat on your tree! Our stunning selection of taste-tempting food and beverage ornaments will keep your tree a delectable delight year after year with a style that's mouth watering!