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2013 Form With Penguin Glass Ornament
Reg. $8.99
Sale $6.98
Commemorate the year 2013 with this darling penguin-inspired design. Crafted of glass and resin, our 3-dimensional form cleverly substitutes the zero in "2013" with the round shape of the penguin's mid-section. Measuring 2¼" tall by 4" wide, this attractive dated ornament comes ready to hang with a gold cord. With its vibrant color scheme of red, silver, and blue, this 2013 form with snowman ornament is a cool way to celebrate another great year!
Bronner #1167927.
Personalized Santa Belt Glass Ornament
Hold on to your belt buckle, it's going to be an amazing Christmas! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our 3" tall Santa belt buckle ornament features a revolutionary interior coating of sparkling red glitter that shines through the clear glass with all the magic of the holiday season! Never out of season, these trousers are sure to be the perfect fit for your Santa enthusiast's Christmas tree year after year! Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to hand-paint a personalized touch in white paint at no additional charge.
Bronner #1171998.

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Snowmen Snowstorm Glass Ornament
There snow other ornament like this unique snowmen snowstorm ornament! Artfully crafted in Hungary, our cool ornament has a revolutionary interior coating of iridescent white glitter that shines through the clear glass like a sparkling blizzard. An imaginative snowman design composed of stick arms, charcoal bricks, and wind-blown top-hats encircles this 3" ornament with a flurry of fun and whimsy!
Bronner #1173220.
I Love Duct Tape Glass Ornament
Duct tape is an in-dispense-able part of life for the handyman, a quick fix for those who are not, and an artist's medium! Celebrate the versatility of this humble invention with our 3" I love duct tape ornament. Artfully crafted in Hungary in a metallic blue glass, this unique ornament features a roll of the distinctive gray tape and the declaration I ♥ DUCT TAPE.
Bronner #1173222.
Inspirational Words Glass Ornament
Live, Laugh, Play, Cherish, Love, Sing, Dream, Smile are the encouraging sentiments expressed in shadowed writing accented with iridescent glitter on this lovely "ice-crackled" lavender ornament! Our 3" tall Inspirational Words ornament is artfully crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's in a unique two-tone frosted glass finish.
Personalized Loch Ness Monster Ornament
Attention Loch Nessie enthusiasts: We've sea-n the illusive creature and have managed to catch her image on this fun ornament! Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary, our enchanting Loch Ness Monster ornament measures 3" tall and is charmingly accented with waves of iridescent glitter. Allow one of our talented Bronner's artists to transform this mythical keepsake with a personalized touch in black paint pen at no additional charge. Your loved one is sure to tell tails of the day he or she received this legendary gift for sea-sons to come!
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I Love Macaroni And Cheese Ornament
Do you crave the creamy smooth taste of macaroni and cheese? Than our tempting, 3" tall ornament is sure to be the cheese to your tree's macaroni! Exclusively crafted for Bronner's from glass in Hungary, our two-tone cheesy yellow and white pearl ornament is embellished with the sentiment I love Mac & Cheese! with a colorful pictogram of a wedge of cheese and elbow noodle underneath. The best thing about our unique I Love Mac & Cheese ornament? You can come back for seconds, thirds, or more without any ever going to waist!
Bronner #1173205.
Hope Ribbon Design White Sparkle Ornament
Express your support for the cause and hope for the cure with this extraordinary white sparkle ornament! Our beautiful 3" tall exclusive ornament, hand-crafted in Hungary, incorporates a symbolic pink ribbon to complete the word HOPE and makes a wonderful keepsake you'll cherish for years to come.
Bronner's will donate a portion of sales to benefit the fight against breast cancer.
Red Wines And Vines Glass Ornament
Our tasteful red wines and vines ornament is perfect for the wine aficionado amongst your family and friends! Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary, this 3" tall Bronner's exclusive ornament features an attractive pattern of grapevines and leaves punctuated by clusters of dazzling purple grapes. The wine names Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Sangiovese are prominently listed in an elegant script accented with shimmering purple glitter. Cheers!
(Tradition of Wine card included.)
Bronner #1173204.
Beer Styles Glass Ornament
This bubbly ornament is good for what ales you! Our fun beer styles ornament is artfully crafted from glass in Hungary and measures 3" tall. Resembling a glass of beer, the bottom half of this clear ornament is painted in an amber hue topped with foamy white froth and cascading bubbles. The types of beer Pilsner, IPA, Wheat, Pale Ale, Stout, Lager, Amber, and Belgian appear in brown and wrap around the circumference of this refreshing design. Hoppy Holidays!
(Tradition of the Beer card included.)
Ugly Christmas Sweaters Sparkle Glass Ornament
You're sure to warm up to our "ugly" Christmas sweaters ornament! Artfully crafted of glass in Hungary with a shimmering interior coating of iridescent white glitter, this unique 3" tall ornament is adorned with 5 outrageous sweater designs you're sure to find dreadfully trendy. Each sweater has its own festive red and green pattern that includes glitzy ornaments, a reindeer head, Christmas tree, string of lights, and gaudy holiday bow. You'll be glad to hang these atrocious holiday sweaters on your tree…not in your closet! Although we must say, your tree is likely to be voted best dressed in the season trends!
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Bronner #1173737.
Pirate Smile Face Glass Ornament
Ahoy mates! Add some adventure to your Christmas with this bold design that is sure to inspi-arrrr many happy faces! Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, our 3" round pirate smile face ornament is sure to leave you grinning for many seasons to come.
Peace, Love, Hope Glass Ornament
Express yourself this holiday season with our beautiful Peace, Love, and Hope ornament! Crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, this 3" tall keepsake features overlapping ebony and shimmering gold text with the following sentiments:
Peace-The Spirit of Christmas.
Love-The Heart of Christmas.
Hope-The Joy of Christmas.
Certainly words to live by!
Chicago Skyline Silver Sparkle Glass Ornament
Crafted in Hungary exclusively for Bronners, our 3" tall Chicago Skyline ornament seamlessly blends the famous architecture of one of America's great cities into a stunning keepsake you're sure to treasure! An interior coating of silver glitter shines through the clear glass ornament like an infinite number of stars, making this a perfectly dreamy memento for any traveler or resident of the "Windy City"!
Bronner #1173788.
Flip Flops Glass Ornament
Recall balmy breezes and relaxing days in the sun with our whimsical flip flop glass ornament! Exclusively hand-crafted in Hungary for Bronner's, our 3" tall pink and green design features multiple pairs of the trendy footwear dancing across the entire surface.
Bronner #1167521.
Pledge Of Allegiance Blessed Nation Glass Ornament
Crafted of glass in Hungary exclusively for Bronner's, this beautiful ornament features a reflective-silver and satin-white two-tone finish with the words of the pledge of allegiance artfully incorporated into the shape of the US flag design. Printed on the reverse side of this patriotic ornament and framed in red stars is the sentiment: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12.
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