Advent Wreaths

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Celtic Advent Wreath
Our 11½" Advent wreath is a wonderful way to blend the tradition of Advent with your Irish or Scottish heritage. Crafted from resin, this beautiful Advent wreath features a unique "knotted" design around the surface with Celtic crosses artfully displayed on each of four total taper holders. This set includes 3 purple colored and 1 rose colored taper candles. The candles measure approximately 10" in height.
Journey To Bethlehem Advent Candleholder
Your family can take a "Journey to Bethlehem" each year you light the candles on this ornate 10½" round Advent candleholder. Extraordinary details include raised designs of ancient Bethlehem and a striking purple and gold washed finish. Each metal candleholder measures 1" in diameter. 3 purple and 1 pink 10" tall taper candles are included as well as a devotion pamphlet of Bible readings for each of the four weeks of Advent.
Star Of Christmas Advent Candleholder
This beautiful "Star of Christmas" Advent candleholder is crafted of cream-tone resin with nativity designs in raised-relief and bronze-tone metal detail. The words, To hearts that hold His light within, the star of Christmas comes again is prominently embossed in the center. Each metal candle holder measures 1" in diameter. 3 purple and 1 pink 10" tall taper candles are included as well as a devotion pamphlet of Bible readings for each of the four weeks of Advent.
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Black Forest Advent Wreath
Crafted with a backwoods country charm, this 18" Advent wreath features faux evergreen sprigs that surround four gold taper holders measuring 1" across. This is the perfect wreath to celebrate the cherished Advent tradition.
Candles not included. We recommend #1001684, Set of 4 purple and pink 10" advent taper candles.
Nativity Advent Candle
This festive 12" tall Christmas countdown candle artfully displays a nativity scene below 24 numbers detailed in red and green to represent each day of advent. The base of this white advent taper candle measures ¾" wide.
Bronner #1085572.
Children Of The World Advent Wreath
Children of the world, of all races, regions, and backgrounds, come together to share in the celebration of Advent! Crafted from ceramic, this advent wreath features an approximate 10¼" diameter and four ¼" spots for taper candles representing each week of Advent. This children of the world advent wreath includes four slender-10" tall taper candles.
We recommend #1011394, set of 4 purple and pink Advent taper candles to accommodate this children of the world Advent candle holder.
Purple And Pink 10 Inch x 0.5 Inch Advent Taper Candles
This set of 4 includes three purple and one pink 10" tall taper candles. Candle base diameter is approximately ½" wide.
10 Inch Purple Advent Candles Set of Five
Keep the tradition of Advent going with this purple Advent taper candle set! Including a candle for each week of Advent, this set consists of 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white taper. Measuring 10" tall each, these candles feature an approximate base diameter of ¾".
Advent Cross Candle Holder
Brighten your holidays with an inspirational addition to your Christmas! This glorious advent cross candle holder features an artistically-styled cross with a carved wooden design, colorfully-dimensional figures, including the three wisemen, a shepherd, lamb, angel, and the town of Bethlehem. This unique advent cross lies flat while a separate 3½" tall nativity, with the Holy family, stands in a special place on top. At the tip of each point in the cross is a copper-colored brass candle holder just waiting for you to add a candle of your choice. Our one-of-a-kind advent cross candle holder measures 11¼" tall, is lovingly crafted of resin with accents of sparkling gold and silver, and includes the words Joy To The World! This advent cross makes counting down the days to the holidays a brilliant and faith-filled experience!
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18 Inch Advent Wreath Banff Pine
This traditional Advent wreath is perfect for the family who wishes to celebrate the Savior’s coming with light and cheer. The lush greenery is securely bound to a tasteful gold candle ring complete with 4 gold candle receptacles. Anticipate Christ’s coming this year by lighting one candle the first week of Advent, and adding one each week until Christmas. Traditional Advent tapers are also available.
Christmas Journey Advent Candle Holder
This exceptional advent candle holder will help your family focus of the true meaning of CHRISTmas. Exquisitely crafted of ceramic, the 2" tall x 8½" wide base is artfully enhanced with an embossed holy and berry scrollwork in muted tones of amber and blue. The top of this beautiful base is decorated with a Victorian-inspired star of Bethlehem along with the sentiment, Christmas is a journey of the heart… Our Christmas journey advent candle holder comes with 3 purple and 1 pink wax candle along with an enlightening devotional booklet with readings for each of the 4 weeks of Advent.
10 Piece Nativity Star Advent Candleholder
This exceptional resin and metal advent candle holder will help your family focus on the true meaning of CHRISTmas. Artfully crafted of resin, our nativity candle holder is handsomely painted in a golden yellow hue and further adorned with a brushed antique finish. The charming resin figures of Mary, Joseph, Jesus and an angel are designed to be placed on top of the star-shape base which is inscribes with these phrases: God's Son, Savior Child, Infant King, Prince of Peace and Lord of Light. Our 10 piece nativity star advent candleholder measures 1½" tall x 10" wide and comes with 4 nativity figures, 3 Purple, 1 pink, and 1 white wax candle and an enlightening devotional booklet with readings for each of the 4 weeks of Advent.
Cross Advent Candle Holder
Create or continue the meaningful tradition of lighting Advent candles with this attractive Victorian style table display. Artfully crafted of metal, our 8" tall x 6" wide cross advent candle holder features a Gothic-detailed cross encircled by four delicately filigreed votive cups. Designed to accommodate candles with a base diameter of up to 1½" wide, each glass votive measures 2¼" tall.
Fabric Advent Wreath
This kid-friendly wreath is fun and safe way to introduce the significance of the Advent season to your young children or grandchildren! Measuring 10" in diameter, our fabric Advent wreath is decorated with felt holly leaves and plush red pom-poms all accented with shimmering glitter. Velcro tabs on the wreath and the felt advent candles allow you to fasten the 3 purple candles and 1 pink candle for each week in Advent.
Anticipation Advent Candleholder
"Anticipation" is the fitting name for this beautiful Advent candleholder crafted of resin. This extraordinary candleholder can be dressed up by filling the center with your favorite greens. Each metal candle holder measures 1" in diameter. 3 purple and 1 pink 10" tall taper candles are included as well as a devotion pamphlet that explains the wreath's symbols and how to use the wreath throughout the season
Advent Candle Holder With Baby Jesus And Animals
Artfully crafted of resin, this joy-ous Advent candle holder has a charming manger animal motif you're sure to love. The letters J-O-Y are central to this unique nativity design that includes a baby Jesus figure and a pair of kneeling sheep. This serene 7" tall x 9" long x 3½" wide display features four metal candle holders that can accommodate a candle with an approximate ¾" wide base. Just add candles for a delight-ful display your family with enjoy for many seasons to come!
Nativity Cross Advent Candle Holder With Candles Set
Brighten your CHRISTmas preparations with the beautiful glow of this inspiring Advent candle display! Crafted of heavy resin with an aged copper hue, this de-light-ful candle holder depicts various nativity scenes and is engraved with the scripture For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11. Measuring 10¾" long x 7" wide x ¾" tall, our Nativity cross Advent candle holder set comes complete with a central white candle, 3 purple and 1 pink taper candles and a 4" tall manger-themed metal accent piece designed to stand at the front of the display.
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Keep the tradition of Advent burning bright with these colorful wax candles. Designed to fit any standard advent wreath, our Advent taper candle set of 4 consists of three royal blue and one pink candle each measuring 10" tall with an approximate base diameter ¾".
Snowflake Advent Candleholder
Fresh as the new fallen snow, this lovely ceramic candleholder has a delicate snowflake design painted with a gleaming white glaze. Designed to accommodate four candles with an approximate diameter of ¾", our snowflake Advent candleholder measures 1¼" tall x 8" wide. Just add candles for a de-light-ful display your family will enjoy for many seasons to come!
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